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Supporting wellbeing with plant medicine

Why Buy Nettle Man Featured Products

Only the HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients

Check out Nettle Man: Wild Harvest Tinctures, Capsules, Teas, and Powders.

The key to the amazing effects of our products lies in the hand-chosen, wild-harvested, local herbs that are used. Each ingredient has been selected for use in a specialty blend to aid in relief from pain, allergies, respiratory issues, insomnia, and anxiety.

Don’t be fooled by “discount” products that have been distilled or diluted beyond their ability to help you. Trusting in products without knowing the source can do more harm than good. After all, you can always meet your local Nettle Man!


Formulator | Harvestor | Herbalist

My name is Bach Thor a.k.a. The Nettle Man. For almost 15 years I have carefully developed a process for combining Wild-Harvested herbs in ways that help promote wellbeing. In my travels, I have studied with Master Herbalists to combine their knowledge and experience so that you can bring the amazing effects of these herbal remedies into your home.

I am passionate about what I do and when I am not out finding the perfect ingredients, I spend time with my customers in person helping them find the right remedy. Join me at any of the following markets to meet me, learn about the products, and see the difference in using products made from ingredients you can trust.


8:30am – 1:30pm
Ashland Armory
208 Oak St
Ashland, Oregon


8:30am – 1:00pm

Oak Street
100 Block of Oak Street
Ashland, Oregon

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